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A Kentucky Night Out

A Kentucky Night Out

Last week, a few Peterman field agents ventured out for some live music at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville. The murals on the walls caught our attention, especially the one pictured here—a wonderful illustration of a glamorous couple dressed for a night of dancing.

The venue has a fascinating past. According to the website, the music hall was originally used as a cafeteria for the bottling facility that surrounded it. “During Prohibition, the building was used as a rehearsal hall for the big bands that played the Seelbach Hotel and The Brown Hotel on the weekends.” During this time, the public was allowed to watch the bands practice—and they could drink “medicinal” bourbon that was bottled on the property.

The decorative murals that adorn the walls date back to 1939 and were commissioned by the National Distillers Product Corporation. The initials NDPC are visible on some of the murals. (If you look closely, you can see the initials on the left side of our photo here.)

Eighty years later, the music goes on, the murals still keep watch, and the walls hold it all….old and new.

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  1. Since I am from Midway, Louisville is less than an hour away. I have been to Headliners numerous times but I didn’t know the history behind it. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  2. I love the detailed stories, and the colorful memories that you draw with your verbiage.

    While I grew up in San Diego, I lived for many years in the Midwest. Columbia, Missouri as a matter of fact. I originally went back for 2 years but ended up stalled for 16. In that timeframe I watched many many buildings being torn down and noticed a tapestry of advertisements that began to appear on many of these buildings, that had been sandwiched between two buildings . A newer building was built so close to the existing structure next door that these American gothics became hidden from the public eye for more years than people realize.

    Over the years, as each of these works of art began to be unveiled, a movement began to restore these brick canvasses, to their original splendor.

    It’s a slice of Americana, just like the canvas your agents found while scouring to globe… now, shared with everyone threw tales and talk amongst friends.

    A true adventure indeed.

  3. I appreciate that JPeterman persists at the production, sales and opinion of an elevated view of life. Daily, we are surrounded by insufferable mediocrity.

  4. Yes! I’ve seen these murals @Headliner’s and now I’m happy to know a little more about this fascinating part of Louisville history! Especially love that “medicinal bourbon” was allowed to be consumed in this venue. It’s a great place to hear live music.

  5. It appears that the NDPC initials are set over an old fashioned radio microphone. I can almost hear it: “And now, ladies and gentlemen, coming to you live from Headliners Music Hall in the heart of beautiful Louisville, NDPC radio presents Charley White and the White Knights of Swing! Hit it, Charley!”

  6. What a wonderful story explaining the past! I had looked at the picture and noticed the unusual call letters. Now we know! I loved teaching history for years!

  7. This is what attracts me so much to nostalgic places. The walls always have a story to tell. Thanks for the little trip back.

  8. Fascinating! Each of us has a VERY Common thread that ties us all together as ONE PEOPLE UNDER GOD, Where “God” is defined by EACH person. We must go back in time in our lives every now and then and re-examine what we believe because one may have only been taught 1 side of a story and there are at least 3: your side, my side, and the right side. Finally, sometimes facts change and we have to find our new “true north”. Once that’s resolved, it’s funny, intimidation/shame/embarrassment goes away, and fear of the unknown drops off like grease dripping off of fatback. THEN this void is filled with FAITH and JOY. It takes a little time to readjust in every facet but once you have it well in hand, KATY BAR THE DOOR because in my case, with GOD AND MY FAITH ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Thanks be to God and Thank You for sharing so many details. I know personally how much time it took and also the pain of reliving some of those memories but YOU made a Difference @ least with me! Now please send a catalog to THE WHITE HOUSE 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE IN DC addressed to President Donald Trump and to MAYBE President Elect Joe Biden. Both GREAT men with storied histories that MUST be recorded in detail so they learn more about who they are and why but also they share life’s valleys with readers. This process will help the reader tremendously be able to relate to them as real people but also help these men resolve any issues as a side product. Too much info but I wanted you to know I appreciated it! Happy Sunday! Jim Pierce

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