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Say What - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company

Say What?

Could you repeat that? Well, at least, they understand themselves. After all, Eliza Doolittle sounded natural to herself, before 'enry 'iggins tried to mold her into "a lady." Paul Kerswill,…

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The Deadly Nyms - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company

The Deadly Nyms

Acronyms, not to be confused with antonyms, synonyms, aptronyms, autonyms, tautonyms or pseudonyms, which I might need after this post, are abbreviations that are formed using the initial components in…

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Ski Out

In his latest project, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, shows his penchant for being radically bold with his buildings, according to this article from Architectural Digest. Hôtel des Horlogers, located within…

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House Of Cards - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company

House of Cards

"Oops, there it goes." "House of cards" is an expression that dates back to 1645, referring to a structure built on a shaky foundation that will collapse if you remove a necessary element. A…

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