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It All Adds Up. (Discounts, Too.)

It All Adds Up. (Discounts, too.)

August 21, 1888. William S. Burroughs patents the first successful adding machine. His first calculating machine (1885), had proved to be commercially impractical, but this ’88 model brought him closer. After much trial and error, he patented a practical model in 1892.

Turns out, our statistician is a big fan, so he went a little wild with the discounts. (Act fast before he comes to his senses.)

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  1. What a world we live in… many gadgets to do so many things for us. Today, however, I did a double take when I saw a gentleman using his electronic tablet for some purpose, but obviously calculating something using his fingers! Sometimes the old ways are actually the faster ways………

    1. Sometimes I long for the “old” ways. They seemed so less complicated. Today to do any task usually involves intricate technology. And first you have to learn how to do that, then you may get your task done. I’m from the older times. Technology can be stressful (unless your grand children can help). lol. The old ways were way less stressful.

    1. True–but the William S. Burroughs that you’re thinking of was this one’s son. It’s not a coincidence that an adding machine appeared on the covers of some Naked Lunch editions.

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