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Out Of The Foxhole

Out of the Foxhole

The press will have many questions upon your entrance.

With a few modifications, this jacket was inspired by the one your grandfather wore when emerging from the smoking bomb crater during WWII.

He, of course, augmented the standard issue, adjusting the suspenders and pocket positions. At 12, you dug it out of the cedar trunk in the attic. It nearly blew your mind.

Later, around ’67, you saw the beat poet wearing one in Greenwich Village, protesting the war.

In the continuing trend of personal modification, we gave this version peaked lapels, which allow you to wear it to the business lunch at Empire Diner. When your competition finds out the suspenders were originally used to carry ammo magazines, you’ll have taken the upper hand with guile and a hint of force.

WWII Ammo Jacket (No. 5652). 100% cotton canvas. Suspenders are removable and adjustable. Wear them over your shoulders for a dressier look or loose at the sides if you’re feeling a bit wily.

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