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The Deadly Nyms - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company

The Deadly Nyms

Acronyms, not to be confused with antonyms, synonyms, aptronyms, autonyms, tautonyms or pseudonyms, which I might need after this post, are abbreviations that are formed using the initial components in…

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Row Row Row Your Boat Harvard 1914 - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company Henley Boater

Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

"Leander, Leander, Leander," cried the British. "Harvard, Harvard, Harvard," answered the Americans. The 1914 Harvard Second Varsity Eight nosed across the finish line ahead of the vaunted British club with…

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July 3, 1776 - Peterman's Eye - The J Peterman Company

July 3, 1776

A storm, the previous day, had broken a spell of humid days. It was mercifully cooler. Although not so much indoors, where the Second Continental Congress was meeting in the…

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