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The Best Places To Kiss In Paris

The Best Places to Kiss in Paris

Under any chestnut tree along the Seine is fine…especially the nearest one after you make a right turn off the Pont Sully for the first time and there it finally is in the distance, the real, actual Eiffel tower.

On the other hand, the sight of this romantic blouse and skirt in a shop on rue St-Peres made me wonder; perhaps we should be more methodical?

Blushing Polka-Dot Blouse - The J Peterman Company - The Best Places to Kiss in Paris - Peterman's Eye(As a thoughtful Frenchman once remarked, “Kissing is far too serious a matter to be left to chance.”)

You have the Eiffel Tower itself, of course. Lots of wooded paths tucked around the base. And the view from the top is inspiring at twilight, when they light up the city district by district in a clockwise spiral.

For more inspiration, pay your respects to The Kiss at the Rodin Museum, or Canova’s sculpture of Eros and Psyche embracing at the Louvre; there’s a seldom-visited courtyard out back that’s softly lit and filled with flute-music at night.

“Kissing is far too serious a matter to be left to chance.”

If you’re looking for other places where more than a typical kiss on the lips can be enjoyed, sneak into the shady trysting spot at the Medici Fountain. Share a double love-seat at the MK2 Bibliotheque movie theatre. Do it right out in public on a busy train platform at the Gare du Lyons.

I could go on. But knowing all the best places to kiss in Paris won’t do you much good if you’re not in practice.

Blushing Polka-Dot Blouse (No. 2403). Pure silk satin, with point collar and short sleeves. Lots of fitting darts on the bodice. 12 dome-shaped self-covered buttons. Do you seem to recall the color from fine French lingerie? You’re right.


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