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The Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse Keeper

Long-rumored to never leave Finback Isle, Francis is something of an icon around Casco Bay. For years, his only reported human contact was two local lobster boats that brought supplies and food, mostly lobster. When he refused mandatory retirement, the Coast Guard acceded.

Local papers ran coverage. The story of the tower-bound hermit grew.

Imagine my surprise to see him in town one cold, windy afternoon.

Square-jawed with a scar across his nose and brow, I recognized him immediately from his photo in the Observer.

His outfit, however, was not what I expected from a man who lived with only sailors and seabirds as his witnesses.

Polished leather captoes, ironed slacks, and the centerpiece: a shawl-collared tan jacket made of a deep, plush suede. It seemed entirely incongruous—that is, until he stepped outside and drew a pipe and pouch from his hip-pocket.

With his cap tucked down, he drew the collar forward to cut the wind and steadied his flame over the tobacco.

Shawl Collar Suede Jacket (No. 6051). 100% goat suede with a deceptively warm striped fleece body lining, dobby twill for the sleeves. 6 corozo buttons down the center front. Flap pocket at each hip. Buttoning tabs at back waist seam.

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  1. Reminds me of the stories I read when I was a kid of Oswald Allick, who served twenty years at Tillamook Rock lighthouse off the Oregon coast. When “Terrible Tillie” was decommissioned in the late-1950s, Allick transferred to the Heceta Head light station, where he worked until the station was automated.

      1. Unfortunately this jacket is currently sold out, but it may be brought back in the future. Thank you.

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