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The Soul Of A Country: 25 Secret European Villages

The Soul of a Country: 25 Secret European Villages

The countryside is where you’ll find each one of the small, quiet villages featured in this article from Travel & Leisure. Each one, off the beaten path. Unknown and unexplored by most travelers (which is as close to secret as a wanderer can get).

Travel & Leisure chose 25 of them to share with its readers.

You’ll find meandering streets, local culture, cobblestone, and a look into the past. Streets lined with buildings weathered by time and by the many generations of lives lived within their walls.

You may even discover the soul of each country.

“A tiny town offers adventure, novelty, beauty, as well as a sense of history. Knowing that some of these gems have been there for so long and have not been ‘discovered’ yet calms the spirit and brings a sense of peace,” according to writer Sylvie Bigar, who researched these secret places to come up with the best ones.

Take a look here: 25 Secret European Villages

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